Salient features of Sai Mandir

Siddi Vinayak Mandir
Sai Baba Dhuni
Subrahmanya Swamy

Siddi Vinayak

Number of students who sought blessings of this deity has become Engineers and Doctors and pursuing their higher studies.

Sai Baba Dhuni

This dhuni is lighted with the fire brought from Shirdi and by performing special poojas. The devotees who visit this temple are fulfilling their desires by dropping coconuts, vegetables, navadhayas and herbal spices.

Subrahamanya Swami

One day, Subramanyaswamy appeared in his dream, directed Sri Ananda Rao, Convenor to install his idol under the said tree. Accordingly he installed the idol of Sri Subramanyaswamy by performing special homas for a period of 9 days. The people with 'Kuja' dosha are being reprieved of by performing pujas to this deity. The childless couple are blessed with children.

Apart from that in the premises of the temple, there are sacred trees like ' Usiri Chettu, Maredu Chettu, Jammi Chettu and Navagrahala Chetlu' and by worshipping the same, the people are getting their blessings. In the premises of this temple, a neem tree is grown in umbrella shape.